Radio go!FM (Aarhus 2)

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Radio go!FM.png
Station name Radio go!FM
Broadcasting form Local radio
Broadcasting area Aarhus 2
Target audience
Tagline Lyden af Aarhus
Language Da.png Danish
Licence holder Radio go!FM A/S
Licence period 2018-01-01 - 2027-12-31
Group Radio ABC Gruppen
Regulation authority
Radio-ID DK0200383

Licence holder

Licence holder Licence hours/week Licence period
Radio go!FM A/S 168 h 2018-01-01 - 2027-12-31


Site name Freq. Power Pol. Site. Ant. RDS PI GE84
Hinnerup 92,2 500 w m 60 m
Mårslet 94,6 500 w m 80 m
Århus 106,5 160 w m 70 m
Rønde 107,9 160 w m 60 m