Bandit Rock (Stockholm)

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Station name Bandit Rock
Broadcasting form Analogue commercial radio
Broadcasting area Stockholms län (AB 3)
Format Rock
Target audience 20-49 years
Tagline Welcome to the Party
Language Swedish
Launched 2018-08-01 (2004-11-01 on 106.3)
Licence holder Radio Nova AB
Licence period 2018-08-01 - 2026-07-31
Group Viaplay Group
Regulation authority Mediemyndigheten
Radio-ID SE0101003

Coverage map


Site name Freq. Power Pol. Site. Ant. RDS GE84
Stockholm 101,9 5 000 w V 55 m 240 m E2A7 084029759

Licence holder

Licence holder Station name Licence period
Radio Nova AB Bandit Rock Stockholm 2018-08-01 - 2026-07-31


Date Document Source
2017-12-22 Tillstånd att sända analog kommersiell radio (Kilohertz AB) MPRT (17/03449)
2018-07-25 Överlåtelse av tillstånd från Kilohertz AB till Radio Nova AB MPRT (18/02429)